Third Party

Why Your Vote for Stein Counts

10 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
  If Donald Trump wins this election, whose fault will it be? For many liberals the answer is Jill Stein, this cycle’s Green Party presidential candidate, and those who give their vote to her. Democrats spend a disproportionate amount of time criticizing these Green Party voters for what they see as an irresponsible lack of Read More

The False Promise of Voting Your Conscience

10 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
  Flashback to 8:00 P.M. November 7th, 2000.   Polls have just closed across Florida, and every major television news network has just presumptively declared Al Gore the next president of the United States. Then, only six and a half hours later, polling data of most of Florida’s voting districts shows George W. Bush with Read More