How to Get Involved

Please fill out the following form to be added to the Alger Magazine listserv: Alger Magazine Writer Profiles.

For those interested, you can contribute to Alger Magazine two different ways:

  1. Staff Writer – As a staff writer, you will commit to writing two articles per semester. Please review and submit the Staff Writer Commitment Form if you would like to become a staff writer for Alger Magazine.
  2. Contributor – If you cannot make the commitment but would still like to write, you can submit your articles on an ad hoc basis. Alger Magazine would love to hear your opinions and analysis on issues that you are passionate about.

Additionally, there are several ways for you to meet your fellow editors and writers:

  1. CCWA Weekly Meetings – The Collegiate Council on World Affairs, Alger Magazine’s parent organization, hosts a weekly meeting every Tuesday at 7:30pm in 0080 Derby Hall. Most editors are present at the meeting, and we would love to talk to you afterwards!
  2. Alger Magazine Writing Hours – Alger Magazine also hosts weekly writing hours where you can get to know the editors and writers better, get some work done, and write. Please join us every Thursday from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the Flag Room of the CSLS (left side of the 2nd floor of the Ohio Union).
  3. Events – There are three types of events that are planned for this year. Dates and locations for On Writing and On Thinking will be sent out to the magazine listserv as the details are determined.
    1. On Writing will host guest speakers to give advice on ways to improve our writing skills (process, outlining, incorporating evidence, etc.). A constructive writing schedule will follow.
    2. On Thinking will host speakers who will share their perspectives on international affairs, current events, and other topics of their choice. It is designed to challenge our ways of thinking and expand our worldview.
    3. And Beyond will be a collection of events hosted on campus and within the Columbus community. Please see the “Events” calendar for more details.

For any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to We would love to meet you in person at any of the aforementioned meetings, have you on board our writing staff, and read your thoughts on issues that makes you stay up at night.