Kim, Hyeji - HeadshotHyeji Kim

Hyeji is a senior pursuing a dual degree in Political Science and Economics with a minor in French. Her academic interests include Korean politics, American foreign policy towards East Asia, and the importance of human capital in negotiations concerning international conflict resolution. In her free time, Hyeji likes to read, improvise on the piano, study Chinese, and re-watch episodes of The West Wing

Shannon FillingimPhoto Apr 18, 16 35 19
Managing Editor

Shannon is a fourth year pursuing a bachelor’s of science in international studies and Chinese. Shannon’s academic and research interests center on women’s participation in politics; she is working with a professor in Ohio State’s Department of Political Science on a fully funded honors research thesis to explore factors contributing to the political socialization of adolescent girls. Most recently, Shannon has written extensively on social issues in Spain during a twelve week academic program in Barcelona, Spain.

IMG_2003Robin Smith
Senior Editor

Robin Smith is a fourth year studying Russian and Political Science. Robin has traveled extensively to Kazakhstan, Russia, Ecuador, and Honduras. On Friday nights you can find her salsa dancing, playing the ukulele, or eating Chipotle. If you have any specific questions, please contact directly Robin at the email address above. Thank you.

Aneeqah Ahmed11911929_871199806250177_639194147_n
Senior Editor

Aneeqah Ahmed is a third year student majoring in English and Business. Her interests primarily include social reform, specifically in terms of gender and racial inequality. In her free time, Aneeqah enjoys writing, photography, and spending an unacceptable amount of time at coffee shops around campus. If you have any specific questions, please contact Aneeqah at the email address above.

Kenza Kamal
Senior Editor

Kenza is a third year pursuing dual degrees in Political Science and Public Policy Analysis. She is passionate about criminal justice policy and increasing access to civic engagement, and spends her free time thinking about how to change our juvenile justice system while consuming mass quantities of podcasts and chai. If you have any specific questions, please contact Kenza at the email address above.

11902163_1181384518554345_1430164419_oShelby Powers
Senior Editor

Shelby Powers is a third year studying political science, strategic communication, and Arabic from Dayton, Ohio. Her interests include human rights, media, and the politics of Middle East. In her spare time she is an avid reader, runner, and drinker of tea. If you have any specific questions, please contact Shelby at the email address above.

An100416_24nette Gailliot
Associate Editor

Annette is a junior double majoring in Mathematics and Economics with a minor in History. She is interested in economic history and is currently working her way through numerous actuarial exams. Outside of the classroom, Annette is passionate about being an advocate for refugees and spends time tutoring refugee children in the Columbus area. If you have any specific questions, please contact Annette at the email address above.

Kaile KilnerIMG_0227
Associate Editor

Kaile is a third year from Wooster, Ohio pursuing a degree in both Arabic and International Relations. Kaile’s interests include the politics of  the Middle East, Islam’s relationship with the international system, and identity politics. When she isn’t working or memorizing Arabic vocabulary, Kaile enjoys baking and forcing her friends and family to eat her various pastries. If you have any specific questions, please contact Kaile at the email address above.

                                                         Jessica Shakesprere
Associate Ediimg_0689tor

Jessica is a third year from the hills of West Virginia pursuing a double major in Political Science and Biology. She strives to take an interdisciplinary approach to understand and connect populations and personalities together. Jessica’s interests include public health and social factors of post-war conflict redevelopment. When she isn’t zooming past you on her bike to class, you can find her harping on the political context of gangster rap.