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9/11: Twelve years later

4 years ago ccwa 0
If you have traveled through an airport lately, you are no stranger to the distinct yet elusive discomfort of accelerated surveillance. The extra trays and monitors, the machines, the beeps, the pat downs and random checks, these safety measures have become par the course of modern travel. We perform the motions almost ritualistically; nervously checking Read More

The U.S. and Cuba: Time for a change

4 years ago ccwa 1
Current U.S.-Cuban relations are obsolete and essentially non-existent, and the United States is doing an extreme disservice to itself by preventing proactive dialogue and the existence of a bilateral relationship. Tough economic sanctions and travel restrictions, a crippling embargo, and isolation from any and all diplomatic exchange have allowed Cuba’s subversion to continue, despite initial Read More

The memefication of activism: Kony 2012 a year on

4 years ago ccwa 2
For me, the most remarkable thing about the Kony 2012 campaign wasn’t its epidemic-like spread but rather how quickly people seemed to forget about it. A cursory look at Google Trends shows that searches for “Kony” plummeted by the middle of March, well before the campaign’s planned day of action on April 20. (ed.: Could Read More

Reaching upward: Income mobility and access

4 years ago ccwa 3
A landmark new study on income mobility in America made its rounds on the Internet last week, even garnering a clever interactive New York Times piece. The Equality of Opportunity Project, as it’s called, has made waves outside of the usual economic discussion circles not only because of its scope, but also because of its Read More

Protecting students: College loan reform

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Since the turn of the century, young adults have felt that education beyond high school is not only expected but also necessary if they want to be successful in life. With the demand for a college education rising year after year, the cost of college has risen as well. The average tuition rate for a Read More

Congress: ignoring debt issues

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What would it take for Congress members to behave responsibly? On May 18th the U.S. reached its debt limit, but due to extraordinary measures by the Treasury Department, the U.S. will continue to stay funded until after Labor Day.  That’s roughly three months. Given how drawn out and unproductive the debt ceiling discussions tend to Read More