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Ohio’s Munchies: Issue 3 and Marijuana Legalization

2 years ago Alger Mag Editor 0
As many of you know (or, rather, knew, but it recently escaped from your short term memory,) Issue 3 – or, more specifically, the Ohio Marijuana Legalization Initiative – is set to appear just in time for Thanksgiving (I know what I’ll be thankful for) on the November 2015 ballot. This is a product of Read More

Divide and be Conquered

2 years ago ccwa 0
When he was president, Ronald Reagan was fond of quoting what he called his Eleventh Commandment – “Thou shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” Reagan understood that intra-party disputes are damaging in the face of Democratic opposition as attacking other Republicans only helps the opposing party. What good are primary attack ads if Read More

Streetspeech: Empowering Columbus’ Homeless

2 years ago ccwa 0
I’m sitting in the Subway on 13th and High Street. I would’ve much rather have had this conversation in an obscure café fit for a writer, but Jon insists on eating while we talk. Across from me, sipping his coke while wiping the remaining beads of sweat from his forehead, is Jon Small. During my Read More

Issue 1 and the Case for Divestment

2 years ago ccwa 0
The recent conversation around divestment at Ohio State has somehow equated “the Israeli occupation of Palestine” with “the nation of Israel” and “the worldwide Jewish community.” If you believe that the three are one and the same, the argument goes, then OSU students have a simple choice to make: either we support the occupation, or Read More

Consequences of Rand Paul’s Anti-Vaxxer Leanings

2 years ago ccwa 0
This isn’t the first time a politician has revealed his opinion on a topic wildly outside of his specialty. You wouldn’t go to your doctor seeking information on your taxes, so why would you trust a senator on whether or not to vaccinate your child? Rand Paul’s claim that vaccines lead to profound mental illness Read More

How Political Canvassing Changes Public Opinion

2 years ago ccwa 0
Gay marriage and abortion have been among America’s most politically decisive social issues for years. As the 2016 election season approaches, politicians and interest groups seek to influence public opinion over these topics. However, their tactics appear to be changing: the usual campaigning strategies of events, TV advertisements, and social media may be taking the Read More

Black History Month and Selma’s Oscar Snub

2 years ago ccwa 1
When Joseph Califano, President Lyndon B. Johnsons’s top domestic aide, wrote his impassioned op-ed slamming the Martin Luther King Jr. biopic Selma, he was putting the cherry on what has been a strange year for the African American community. White cops killing black men is nothing new, but the reaction to it has been different, Read More

The NFL’s New PR Stunt: Fighting Sexual Violence

3 years ago ccwa 0
The uproar began when Ray Rice was caught on camera punching his then-fiancée in an elevator. She, of course, fell to the floor and Rice was filmed dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator. His punishment? Suspended for two games. Daryl Washington, the inside linebacker for the Cardinals, pled guilty to assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Read More

Normalizing Relations with Cuba Is a Terrible Idea

3 years ago ccwa 3
In January of 1961, mere days before he would turn over the presidency to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President Eisenhower severed all diplomatic ties between America and Cuba. His successor would soon stretch this policy into a general embargo against the small island nation just off the coast of Florida. The Castro regime’s Communism and countless Read More

Reassessing Valerie Jarrett

3 years ago ccwa 0
The New Republic’s recent 5000-word profile of Valerie Jarrett, “The Obama Whisperer,” could well be boiled down to this: Jarrett has outlasted her usefulness.  She is, allegedly, a duplicate of the same Rahm Emmanuel she helped overthrow earlier in her stint as high-level advisor to the president.  While she was once the dissenting voice cutting Read More