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Private Prisons in the Trump Era

2 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
When people think of human rights violations, they tend to ignore the human rights of those who are imprisoned. In fact, prisoners are typically not a high priority when it comes to human rights violations, with the public viewing them as receiving  just punishments for their crimes. However, it is equally important to not forget Read More

Against Balancing the Budget

6 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
With the United States’ national debt nearing $20 trillion and the federal budget having run a deficit for nearly two decades, many policymakers are pursuing routes to improving federal fiscal responsibility. For many, a balanced budget amendment looks to be the best solution; such a policy would amend the United States Constitution to require the Read More

The Silent Crisis: What’s Driving Central American Migration?

7 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
During the election and now in the first few days of Donald Trump’s presidency,  the political rhetoric in the United States has manifested into an outright hateful and angry tone toward people of color, especially undocumented immigrants. The Republican Party’s platform historically has been unfriendly toward foreigners and outsiders seeking refuge in the United States, Read More

Against the Death Penalty

7 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
The state of Ohio has introduced a “new” way to carry out capital punishment. The Department of Rehabilitation and Correction recently announced that not only was the state resuming executions, but it is doing so with an experimental three-drug cocktail. The drugs in the mixture include midazolam (sedative), rocuronium bromide (paralyzer) and potassium chloride (to Read More

Trump: Not a President for Black America

10 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
Donald Trump is experimenting.  With record low poll numbers among African Americans and a faltering national campaign, Trump has endeavored to reach out to them. He has added a segment to his stump speeches in which he speaks directly to African Americans with the illogical message, “You have nothing else to lose, so why not?” Read More

Why Your Vote for Stein Counts

11 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
  If Donald Trump wins this election, whose fault will it be? For many liberals the answer is Jill Stein, this cycle’s Green Party presidential candidate, and those who give their vote to her. Democrats spend a disproportionate amount of time criticizing these Green Party voters for what they see as an irresponsible lack of Read More

Columbus: The Myth and Truth Behind the Millennial City

11 months ago Alger Mag Editor 5
A small city clings jealously to its national accolades, and residents of Columbus have had more than a few to celebrate recently. In addition to receiving a competitive $40 million “Smart Cities” pilot grant to modernize its outmoded public transit system, the growing city has been the subject of several high-profile articles on its economic Read More

The False Promise of Voting Your Conscience

11 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
  Flashback to 8:00 P.M. November 7th, 2000.   Polls have just closed across Florida, and every major television news network has just presumptively declared Al Gore the next president of the United States. Then, only six and a half hours later, polling data of most of Florida’s voting districts shows George W. Bush with Read More

Foresight 2020: The Exiled Contenders After Cleveland

11 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
Since the Republican National Convention in August, it has become apparent to Republicans and others that not only is the presidency at stake, but the future of the party. As factions jockey for influence, the last two challengers, each a head of moderate or conservative factions not in the Trump primary coalition, have begun gearing Read More

The Echo Chamber: How and Why the Media Stretches the Truth

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
“Good morning, it’s Monday and I’m here…,” “Hello friends, it’s Monday and I’m on the floor of the Republican National Convention.” Momentarily rattled, I checked my watch to confirm that it was still just Sunday afternoon. It seemed to be a theme that would pop up again and again: changing the narrative for convenience, both Read More