The Comeback Kid: Explaining Governor Kasich’s Victory

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It’s late 2011. Newly-minted Ohio Governor John Kasich has just suffered perhaps the worst defeat of his political career. Senate Bill Five, an attempt to limit collective bargaining for public employee unions, had just been overwhelmingly rejected by the voters in a referendum. Not even a year into the office, Governor Kasich had already made Read More

Man of the House

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With midterm elections around the corner and the battle for the Senate dominating the headlines, few in the media are paying much attention to the House of Representatives. And who can blame them? Republicans are virtually assured of an increase in their already solid majority and the House leadership – other than a rather shocking Read More

Political Theatre’s Scarring Role

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Rand Paul enters hour eleven of his filibuster and shows no sign of stopping. Tweets of support pour in from across the country lionizing the Kentucky senator. “I stand with Rand,” they read. People call their own senators, urging them to join Sen. Paul in his stand against using drones to target American citizens on Read More

Why Meat Consumption is a Human Rights Issue

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Nothing is like a ‘Caniac’ at Canes Chicken after a long night in the library or after a win over a Big Ten rival at the Horseshoe.  Six whole 100% all white meat chicken strips for your personal consumption. But what goes into the production of those chicken strips, and how is it a global Read More

The Allure of Technocrats

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In The Living and the Dead, Paul Hendrickson’s gripping portrait of Robert McNamara and the war he helped shape, the former Secretary of Defense is shown most effectively through the eyes of those he most affected: A Quaker man who was driven to self-immolate on the Pentagon lawn, a helicopter pilot whose grief was immortalized Read More

The Supreme Court’s War on Labor

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The purpose and utility of labor unions has been a long-standing question in American discourse. Two years ago the labor discussion was centered on the controversial right-to-work legislation. Last week the subject was brought to the national floor once again when the Supreme Court of the United States weighed in on the issue and sided Read More

Uproot the Yard Signs

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Driving through Louisville, Kentucky in the middle of February will give you very specific data about individual households (i.e. who roots for the Cardinals and who wouldn’t give up the blue without a fight). Neighbor fights against neighbor, and the residents proudly display their allegiance in the form of flags, bumper stickers, apparel, and posters.  Read More

Book Review – The Bully Pulpit

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The Bully Pulpit: Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and the Golden Age of American Journalism – In this 750 page tome Doris Kearns Goodwin chronicles the lives of Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft as well as the creation of McClure’s Magazine and the interplay the two presidents would have with Maclure’s journalists, as well Read More

Captain America and the Politics of Fear

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In one of the most striking scenes from “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, conniving Secretary of Defense Alexander Pierce convinces the members of the World Security Council (an ersatz United Nations) to support his Insight Project, which would predict and neutralize crimes on a global scale  – a secret HYDRA scheme for world domination. Natch. He sells the project Read More

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A word of caution

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WikiLeaks has struck yet again. A classified draft text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—a proposed free trade agreement—was published online last week. The confidential text included alarming clauses on international intellectual property rules. This newly surfaced information will add to a long list of impediments preventing the Obama administration from successfully concluding international TPP negotiations Read More