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A Centennial On: Before the Fall

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Like a Greek tragedy of old, The First World War is a tale of hubris. Blinded by jingoism and unaware of the horrors of modern warfare, one of the world’s most advanced societies set about burning itself to the ground. World War I was truly an epic conflict, for what we see a hundred years Read More

Is Awareness Enough?

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As the 65th annual United Nations DPI/NGO conference wound to a close, I was left with an impression of one recurring theme above all others: inclusivity. The week featured a greater variety of national, communal and personal identity groups than I’d ever seen before assembled in one place, all lobbying for a voice in the Read More

The Allure of Technocrats

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In The Living and the Dead, Paul Hendrickson’s gripping portrait of Robert McNamara and the war he helped shape, the former Secretary of Defense is shown most effectively through the eyes of those he most affected: A Quaker man who was driven to self-immolate on the Pentagon lawn, a helicopter pilot whose grief was immortalized Read More

Uproot the Yard Signs

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Driving through Louisville, Kentucky in the middle of February will give you very specific data about individual households (i.e. who roots for the Cardinals and who wouldn’t give up the blue without a fight). Neighbor fights against neighbor, and the residents proudly display their allegiance in the form of flags, bumper stickers, apparel, and posters.  Read More

Bioterrorism: Under the Radar

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If someone were to ask, “On a scale of one to ten, what do you think is the chance that you will experience a bioterrorist attack during your lifetime,” how would you respond? A three? A five? A seven? Living in an average-sized city in the Midwestern United States far from any major economic or Read More

The Great War and Rising China: Balancing Power a Century Apart

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Arguably the most important – and certainly most discussed – topic in contemporary international politics is the emergence of China on the world stage. Analysts have been writing about the meteoric increase of the country’s GDP and industrial capabilities relative to the United States’ ad nauseam, and the matter has quickly become a mainstream issue. Read More

In Memoriam: Dr. Chadwick Alger

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When I first met Dr. Chadwick Alger I was just a sophomore. I was elected vice president of CCWA, a young and struggling organization that needed direction and considerable help. Our group had no vision and we needed guidance, fast. It was during this time that I was able to schedule a meeting with a Read More

Cooperation and Conflict: The Limits of Behaviorism

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The desire to understand how groups of people act is not just the heart of the social sciences, but also a fundamental part of politics. Nations face collective action problems all the time, both on the macro level—such as international negotiations on climate change and security—and on the individual level—such as settlements between labor and Read More

A Local Answer to China’s Emigration Question

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Two years ago, Jiang arrived in Columbus. It was his second time in the United States and his first time traveling here alone. Many students in China find themselves unable to attend college due to the fiercely competitive admissions process and the lack of resources necessary. The unemployment rate in China has skyrocketed in recent Read More

Why Fracking is Our Best Bet

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I don’t know about the rest of you, but as a college student and an avid watcher of Netflix many of the things I have heard about fracking are negative. We hear about how fracking is extremely destructive environmentally and people are taken advantage of by fracking companies. I wanted to emphasize the changes that Read More