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Columbus: The Myth and Truth Behind the Millennial City

11 months ago Alger Mag Editor 5
A small city clings jealously to its national accolades, and residents of Columbus have had more than a few to celebrate recently. In addition to receiving a competitive $40 million “Smart Cities” pilot grant to modernize its outmoded public transit system, the growing city has been the subject of several high-profile articles on its economic Read More

Shaping the Skyline: Property Taxes and Urban Revitalization

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
While residential towers scale the Columbus skyline, they’re clamoring for the bottom in another respect.  Columbus maintains a generous property tax abatement on downtown condominiums and apartments, which reduces the taxes paid on property value for residents in targeted areas.  Designed to rejuvenate the downtown district, these tax breaks can save residents several thousand dollars Read More

Issue 1 and the Case for Divestment

2 years ago ccwa 0
The recent conversation around divestment at Ohio State has somehow equated “the Israeli occupation of Palestine” with “the nation of Israel” and “the worldwide Jewish community.” If you believe that the three are one and the same, the argument goes, then OSU students have a simple choice to make: either we support the occupation, or Read More

Human Trafficking and the Age of the College Football Playoff

3 years ago ccwa 0
Corporate sponsors and the tourism industry uniformly regarded the inaugural appearance of the  College Football Playoff this fall as a business opportunity, while fans of the sport simply applauded the changeover as a solution to the speculation and controversy that marred the landscape of college football under the BCS system. Instead of two schools granted Read More

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie: What Our Response to Tragedy Says about Us

3 years ago ccwa 0
Around dusk on January 7th, two men, armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and hidden behind hoods, stole the lives of 12 innocent people. The words of the perpetrators would be quoted and analyzed throughout the day. The words would come to characterize the actions of the gunmen: “God is great… we have avenged the Prophet. Read More

Man of the House

3 years ago ccwa 0
With midterm elections around the corner and the battle for the Senate dominating the headlines, few in the media are paying much attention to the House of Representatives. And who can blame them? Republicans are virtually assured of an increase in their already solid majority and the House leadership – other than a rather shocking Read More

Charter Cities: Disruption and Little Else

3 years ago ccwa 2
Few ideas carry more weight in our startup-minded, Silicon Valley-venerating society than “disruption”. It’s a beguiling little word that carries both a sense of dynamism and a whiff of rebellion – consider its cousin, “creative destruction”. The idea of disruption is simple and compelling: Old, staid structures in business (especially tech) must be displaced through Read More

How Canada Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Alberta Tar Sands

3 years ago ccwa 0
The Alberta oil sands have been the focus of much debate lately throughout Canada, the United States, and the world. Though most of the coverage in the US has focused solely on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, Keystone is just a small cog in the oil sands machine that is being developed at an extraordinary Read More

In Defense of Apple Picking

3 years ago ccwa 0
Recently, the online news magazine Slate ran an article titled “Against Apple Picking.” In it, the author, Daniel Gross, denounces apple picking as a wasteful scam. According to Gross, wandering through an apple orchard transforms innocent families in search of carefree apple-picking fun into malevolent and wasteful consumers, conquering the orchard and claiming the fruits Read More