Foreign Policy

Captain America and the Politics of Fear

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In one of the most striking scenes from “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, conniving Secretary of Defense Alexander Pierce convinces the members of the World Security Council (an ersatz United Nations) to support his Insight Project, which would predict and neutralize crimes on a global scale  – a secret HYDRA scheme for world domination. Natch. He sells the project Read More

Cooperation and Conflict: The Limits of Behaviorism

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The desire to understand how groups of people act is not just the heart of the social sciences, but also a fundamental part of politics. Nations face collective action problems all the time, both on the macro level—such as international negotiations on climate change and security—and on the individual level—such as settlements between labor and Read More

Afghanistan, Iraq, and the Importance of Following Through

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As a child, one of the life lessons my parents taught me was to always finish what you start.  When you start something, you don’t just abandon it halfway through because you find it difficult, or it’s taking longer than you initially imagined. I have internalized this lesson, and try to live up to it Read More

What We’re Not Seeing: The Hidden Costs of Homeland Security

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Professor John Mueller’s recent work has made an art of criticizing the U.S. counter-terrorism system.  Beginning in 2006 with a title on the topic—aptly called “Overblown“—he’s now moved on to research for his next book, “Chasing Ghosts: the FBI and Counter-Terrorism”.  I recently had the chance to go to a presentation of some of that Read More

Azerbaijan: Failed promises

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The prevailing mood toward Azerbaijan’s latest presidential election, once again plagued by fraud and intimidation, seems to have been not outrage but apathy. After all, the continuation of the Aliyev dynasty seemed a foregone conclusion – few are convinced that the country’s democracy is anything but a façade. Yet the Council of Europe and a Read More

The U.S. and Cuba: Time for a change

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Current U.S.-Cuban relations are obsolete and essentially non-existent, and the United States is doing an extreme disservice to itself by preventing proactive dialogue and the existence of a bilateral relationship. Tough economic sanctions and travel restrictions, a crippling embargo, and isolation from any and all diplomatic exchange have allowed Cuba’s subversion to continue, despite initial Read More