Arrested Development: Netflix’s Global Hiccup

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Renting DVDs by mail and sending them back the same way seemed like an absolutely ridiculous notion when Netflix first launched in 1997. After all, what was the point of waiting for a DVD to arrive in your mailbox, when you could run to the nearest Blockbuster and get that same movie almost instantly? In Read More

What We’re Not Seeing: The Hidden Costs of Homeland Security

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Professor John Mueller’s recent work has made an art of criticizing the U.S. counter-terrorism system.  Beginning in 2006 with a title on the topic—aptly called “Overblown“—he’s now moved on to research for his next book, “Chasing Ghosts: the FBI and Counter-Terrorism”.  I recently had the chance to go to a presentation of some of that Read More

Ukraine: A tug-of-war

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Ukraine, the largest country entirely in Europe, gained its independence from the Soviet Union upon its dissolution in 1991. The two decades since independence have been tumultuous and difficult, with many growing pains experienced in the form of economic recession and continued political repression reminiscent of former Soviet rule. However, in recent years, and especially Read More

Canada and the EU: Trade deal poses questions for Canada

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Stephen Harper just finished putting the final touches on what is billed as the largest trade deal in the Canada’s history, a sweeping pact with the European Union. The agreement could take up to 18 months to finalize as all 28 member countries of the E.U. must approve it. The deal has been generally well-received Read More

The Hungarian Media: Speaking up

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When first entering the outskirts of Budapest, one cannot help but notice the remnants of an age passed. As the locals gaze upon the newly-paved highways slicing through the gray, derelict industrial zones dotted with soot-covered smokestacks, most Hungarians agree that the decades of authoritarian central government rule, numbing propaganda, and overbearing censorship are better Read More

Serbia and Greece: A Summer Travel Log

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Many of us can attest to the monotonous and lackluster aspects of summer jobs. The weather is hot, the sky is clear, and we’re punching in the clock.  Only after what seemed to be an interminable summer of cleaning and waiting tables in the 95-degree and humid blaze did my adventure begin. On July 20th, Read More

The European Union: Tax fraud and evasion

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Tax fraud and evasion are problems affecting European Union countries to the tune of €1 trillion worth of lost tax revenue. Various EU bodies and have held talks this week over the matter in an effort to establish Union-wide action plans and initiatives to address the issue. European leaders have also begun exploring ways of tackling Read More

From Russia with Love: a year of troubling developments

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The last few months have produced a variety of different and interesting news stories from Russia, ranging from asylum-granting to a US-wanted whistleblower, to less publicized incidents such as the staging of the largest Russian military exercises since Soviet times, to the passing of certain laws through the Russian Duma which restrict gay-rights and consequently Read More

Syria: A Proxy War?

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Until recently the conflict in Syria was a war between minorities and the Sunni Muslim majority, with Iran and Hezbollah supporting Syria and the Gulf States supporting the Free Syrian Army. Though both sides have strong supporters on the world stage, Russia and the FSA’s European allies had both previously agreed to ban the sale Read More