Russia’s Troubled Economic History

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Among Leo Tolstoy’s most remarkable works is “How Much Land Does a Man Need”. The short story follows Pahom, a peasant who claims that if he had enough land, even the devil wouldn’t frighten him. Upon hearing this, the Devil accepts this as a challenge and gives Pahom a chance to gain as much land Read More

The “New” European Political Landscape

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Paralleling Donald Trump’s surprising success in the American election, right-wing populists have made strong electoral gains on the other side of the Atlantic. Right-wing AfD has made significant strides  in German state elections, Marie Le Pen is currently leading the polls for France’s presidential election, and a politician from Austria’s Freedom Party came close to Read More

Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie: What Our Response to Tragedy Says about Us

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Around dusk on January 7th, two men, armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and hidden behind hoods, stole the lives of 12 innocent people. The words of the perpetrators would be quoted and analyzed throughout the day. The words would come to characterize the actions of the gunmen: “God is great… we have avenged the Prophet. Read More

Scotland: Referendum and Addendum

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Barely hours after the results of the referendum were announced in Scotland, the streets that had been flooded with people only hours before had emptied, and the postmortem had already begun. The rhetoric around the referendum’s outcome seemed to be the same across the board; things in Scotland would never be the same, and the Read More

Macedonia: To Have Your State and Be It Too

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When the name “Macedonia” is mentioned, it is usually accompanied by questions about where it is, or whether the famous Macadamia nut cookie originates there. While Macedonia has nothing to do with the delicious cookie, the former question presents a bit of a conundrum in the Balkans. Locked in a 20-year dispute, the Republic of Read More

Songs of Ice and Mire: Greenland’s March toward Independence

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As the international community focused on the Scottish referendum this past month and talks of devolution began to stir, the world failed to consider another independence movement: the one for a freer Greenland. Greenland is often overlooked on the international stage, however, it’s the largest island in the world and, with a population of 57,000 Read More

A Centennial On: Before the Fall

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Like a Greek tragedy of old, The First World War is a tale of hubris. Blinded by jingoism and unaware of the horrors of modern warfare, one of the world’s most advanced societies set about burning itself to the ground. World War I was truly an epic conflict, for what we see a hundred years Read More

Seeing Red: Russian Stereotypes in the U.S. Media

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US media coverage of Russia over the past few months has been largely disappointing. It’s relied on stereotypes and lacked historical context, revealing a shameful ignorance of both Russia and Vladimir Putin. This inaccurate coverage has created several common misconceptions about current Russian politics. Journalists (and readers) have begun to assume that Putin is an Read More

The Rise of the Other EU

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The European Union has received a great deal of attention in recent years, partially due to the financial crisis, but also because of its opposition to Russian revanchism. In the background, Vladimir Putin has been quietly forming his own EU. The Eurasian Economic Commission, which is also being called the Eurasian Union, is a nascent Read More

Explaining Putin’s Power Politics

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Few observers were surprised when Crimea, a semi-autonomous region in Ukraine occupied by Russian soldiers following the Ukrainian revolution, voted to secede from Ukraine. The region has long historic and ethnic ties to Russia and is far removed from the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. And while the flagrant violation of Ukrainian sovereignty and subsequent international Read More