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Private Prisons in the Trump Era

1 month ago Alger Mag Editor 0
When people think of human rights violations, they tend to ignore the human rights of those who are imprisoned. In fact, prisoners are typically not a high priority when it comes to human rights violations, with the public viewing them as receiving  just punishments for their crimes. However, it is equally important to not forget Read More

NATO’s Erdogan Problem

4 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
The foundational institutions of our global political system have been caught in the crossfire amidst the recent wave of political and social populism. The organizations that previously acted as stabilizing factors are now subject to intense criticism, with the splintering of the European Union, gridlock in the UN Security Council, and rivalries within OPEC. NATO Read More

Columbus: The Myth and Truth Behind the Millennial City

10 months ago Alger Mag Editor 5
A small city clings jealously to its national accolades, and residents of Columbus have had more than a few to celebrate recently. In addition to receiving a competitive $40 million “Smart Cities” pilot grant to modernize its outmoded public transit system, the growing city has been the subject of several high-profile articles on its economic Read More

Foresight 2020: The Exiled Contenders After Cleveland

11 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
Since the Republican National Convention in August, it has become apparent to Republicans and others that not only is the presidency at stake, but the future of the party. As factions jockey for influence, the last two challengers, each a head of moderate or conservative factions not in the Trump primary coalition, have begun gearing Read More

And Then There Was Trump

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
From July 18-21, the Republican National Convention will take place in three of the most politically important states: the state of Ohio, the state of fear, and the state of denial.  As no Republican candidate has ever gone to the White House without the Buckeye State, the GOP had hoped that a unifying convention in Read More

The West’s Best Interest: Accepting Migrants During Crisis

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
Since the start of civil war in Syria, more than 200,000 civilians have been killed in shootings, artillery strikes, and chemical weapon attacks. Hundreds more have faced torture and starvation. Millions have been forced to abandon their homes, seeking asylum in neighboring countries and increasingly within the European Union. In the midst of this humanitarian Read More

A New Start in U.S. – Iran Relations?

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
The following article was written after Dr. Mathews and Mr. Nephew visited Columbus, Ohio to speak at the Columbus Council on World Affairs and The Ohio State University.  Columbus, Ohio – In 2009, former U.S. diplomat Lloyd Rollins from Columbus expressed concern to the The Columbus Dispatch that “the U.S. and Iran are still without diplomatic Read More

Leaving So Soon?: The Short Timeline of Russian Intervention in Syria

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
On September 30, 2015 Russian airstrikes began in Syria. According to the head of the Russian presidential administration, the sole purpose of the intervention was to protect the “national interests” of the Russian Federation, which includes concern for the eventual return of several thousand Russian citizens that have flocked to Syria to join the terrorist Read More

Shaping the Skyline: Property Taxes and Urban Revitalization

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
While residential towers scale the Columbus skyline, they’re clamoring for the bottom in another respect.  Columbus maintains a generous property tax abatement on downtown condominiums and apartments, which reduces the taxes paid on property value for residents in targeted areas.  Designed to rejuvenate the downtown district, these tax breaks can save residents several thousand dollars Read More

South Korea’s Nuclearization Prospects Are Burgeoning

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has recently appointed South Korea as the chair of 2016 ministerial meeting on nuclear security in Vienna, Austria. South Korea, which has thus far coordinated numerous meaningful discussions on international nuclear policy, is now expected to expand its role as a more assertive actor in global nonproliferation initiatives. Despite Read More