Captain America and the Politics of Fear

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In one of the most striking scenes from “Captain America: Winter Soldier”, conniving Secretary of Defense Alexander Pierce convinces the members of the World Security Council (an ersatz United Nations) to support his Insight Project, which would predict and neutralize crimes on a global scale  – a secret HYDRA scheme for world domination. Natch. He sells the project Read More

Inequality: A Burden to Society

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A forthcoming study sponsored by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has brought to light more evidence on the imminent threat posed by unsustainable resource consumption and growing inequality of wealth. This new study warns of the collapse of global industrial civilization based on current trajectories of wealth distribution and resource use. The ideas presented in Read More

A Local Answer to China’s Emigration Question

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Two years ago, Jiang arrived in Columbus. It was his second time in the United States and his first time traveling here alone. Many students in China find themselves unable to attend college due to the fiercely competitive admissions process and the lack of resources necessary. The unemployment rate in China has skyrocketed in recent Read More

Arrested Development: Netflix’s Global Hiccup

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Renting DVDs by mail and sending them back the same way seemed like an absolutely ridiculous notion when Netflix first launched in 1997. After all, what was the point of waiting for a DVD to arrive in your mailbox, when you could run to the nearest Blockbuster and get that same movie almost instantly? In Read More

’12 Years a Slave’ and the Evolution of the Cinematic Black Experience

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“We always wanted people to know that it’s ‘12 Years a Slave,’ not ‘1 Million Years a Slave‘”, are words that probably haunt Fox Searchlight co-president Nancy Utley to no end. The comments were first published in an LA Times article written by John Horn some months ago, before the debut of the excellent American Read More

9/11: Twelve years later

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If you have traveled through an airport lately, you are no stranger to the distinct yet elusive discomfort of accelerated surveillance. The extra trays and monitors, the machines, the beeps, the pat downs and random checks, these safety measures have become par the course of modern travel. We perform the motions almost ritualistically; nervously checking Read More

The memefication of activism: Kony 2012 a year on

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For me, the most remarkable thing about the Kony 2012 campaign wasn’t its epidemic-like spread but rather how quickly people seemed to forget about it. A cursory look at Google Trends shows that searches for “Kony” plummeted by the middle of March, well before the campaign’s planned day of action on April 20. (ed.: Could Read More