A New Discussion of Islam

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In the wake of recent global events and the spiking proliferation of the subject across all news sources, I find myself distraught with the current discourse on the Muslim faith. Across the spectrum that is cable TV, from liberal hippies to crackpot conservatives, I can only see poles, a conversation with no grey area. For Read More

Human Trafficking and the Age of the College Football Playoff

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Corporate sponsors and the tourism industry uniformly regarded the inaugural appearance of the  College Football Playoff this fall as a business opportunity, while fans of the sport simply applauded the changeover as a solution to the speculation and controversy that marred the landscape of college football under the BCS system. Instead of two schools granted Read More

Breaking the Language Barrier

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In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt wrote, “We have room for but one language in this country and that is the English language, for we intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American nationality, and not as dwellers in a polyglot boarding house.” Though President Roosevelt’s words seem hopelessly outdated, Read More

In Defense of Apple Picking

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Recently, the online news magazine Slate ran an article titled “Against Apple Picking.” In it, the author, Daniel Gross, denounces apple picking as a wasteful scam. According to Gross, wandering through an apple orchard transforms innocent families in search of carefree apple-picking fun into malevolent and wasteful consumers, conquering the orchard and claiming the fruits Read More

Seeing Red: Russian Stereotypes in the U.S. Media

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US media coverage of Russia over the past few months has been largely disappointing. It’s relied on stereotypes and lacked historical context, revealing a shameful ignorance of both Russia and Vladimir Putin. This inaccurate coverage has created several common misconceptions about current Russian politics. Journalists (and readers) have begun to assume that Putin is an Read More

Why Meat Consumption is a Human Rights Issue

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Nothing is like a ‘Caniac’ at Canes Chicken after a long night in the library or after a win over a Big Ten rival at the Horseshoe.  Six whole 100% all white meat chicken strips for your personal consumption. But what goes into the production of those chicken strips, and how is it a global Read More

Uproot the Yard Signs

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Driving through Louisville, Kentucky in the middle of February will give you very specific data about individual households (i.e. who roots for the Cardinals and who wouldn’t give up the blue without a fight). Neighbor fights against neighbor, and the residents proudly display their allegiance in the form of flags, bumper stickers, apparel, and posters.  Read More

Chasing Darkness: Kicking Our Love of Light Pollution

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In the relative stillness of night, the ground shook, and the world seemed to come apart at the seams. Street lights came crashing down as the sinews of the earth buckled, compressed, and then split, ripping apart tarmac and concrete with terrifying ease. A few minutes shy of five in the morning, all the lights Read More

All I See Are Dead Presidents

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As you probably have noticed, American dollar bills have undergone quite a few changes over the last decade or so. Along with the addition of various anti-counterfeit features has come a shift away from the traditional green and black of your grandfather’s bills. For example, the modern ten and fifty dollar notes more closely resemble Read More