Why Your Vote for Stein Counts

11 months ago Alger Mag Editor 0
  If Donald Trump wins this election, whose fault will it be? For many liberals the answer is Jill Stein, this cycle’s Green Party presidential candidate, and those who give their vote to her. Democrats spend a disproportionate amount of time criticizing these Green Party voters for what they see as an irresponsible lack of Read More

Columbus: The Myth and Truth Behind the Millennial City

11 months ago Alger Mag Editor 5
A small city clings jealously to its national accolades, and residents of Columbus have had more than a few to celebrate recently. In addition to receiving a competitive $40 million “Smart Cities” pilot grant to modernize its outmoded public transit system, the growing city has been the subject of several high-profile articles on its economic Read More

The Echo Chamber: How and Why the Media Stretches the Truth

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
“Good morning, it’s Monday and I’m here…,” “Hello friends, it’s Monday and I’m on the floor of the Republican National Convention.” Momentarily rattled, I checked my watch to confirm that it was still just Sunday afternoon. It seemed to be a theme that would pop up again and again: changing the narrative for convenience, both Read More

How to Best Acquire an Apple: The Problem with Facts and Logic

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
A presumption that has become commonplace is that, those who dissent do so because they are poorly educated, and that if presented with facts and logic, they would see the error in their ways and step out of plato’s cave into the light of truth. This mentality invites conflict in instances where two or more Read More

Rehabilitation: A Commentary on Rape Culture

1 year ago Alger Mag Editor 0
On January 18, 2015, two passerbys caught Brock Turner on top of a woman behind a dumpster near the Stanford University campus. In March of this year, Brock Turner was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault. Two months later, the defendant was sentenced to six months in county jail and probation. Six months. Read More

Black Women Are Not Your Stepping Stone to Liberation

2 years ago Alger Mag Editor 0
One year after Laquan McDonald’s murder, the dashcam video of the encounter between him and Chicago police officers was released by the Chicago Police Department. In the video, Officer Van Dyke is seen shooting McDonald sixteen times after McDonald walks away from the officers. The video’s release on November 24th was met with citywide protests Read More

Streetspeech: Empowering Columbus’ Homeless

2 years ago ccwa 0
I’m sitting in the Subway on 13th and High Street. I would’ve much rather have had this conversation in an obscure café fit for a writer, but Jon insists on eating while we talk. Across from me, sipping his coke while wiping the remaining beads of sweat from his forehead, is Jon Small. During my Read More

Black History Month and Selma’s Oscar Snub

2 years ago ccwa 1
When Joseph Califano, President Lyndon B. Johnsons’s top domestic aide, wrote his impassioned op-ed slamming the Martin Luther King Jr. biopic Selma, he was putting the cherry on what has been a strange year for the African American community. White cops killing black men is nothing new, but the reaction to it has been different, Read More

The NFL’s New PR Stunt: Fighting Sexual Violence

3 years ago ccwa 0
The uproar began when Ray Rice was caught on camera punching his then-fiancée in an elevator. She, of course, fell to the floor and Rice was filmed dragging her unconscious body out of the elevator. His punishment? Suspended for two games. Daryl Washington, the inside linebacker for the Cardinals, pled guilty to assaulting his ex-girlfriend. Read More