The Philippines: A fragile peace

4 years ago ccwa 0
Tumult and discord marred the month of September this year in the Philippines. Muslim insurgents on the southernmost island, having recently declared independence, took control of Zamboanga City under the banner of their new Bangsamoro Republik. After a three-week siege, the national forces of the Philippines regained control of the city and dispersed the rebel Read More

The East China Sea: Realism’s shortcomings

4 years ago ccwa 1
China’s rise and the role it will assume regionally and globally have generated plenty of debate and attention. A large part of this discussion has been centered on analysis characterizing China’s rise as either peaceful or belligerent. The shape and form of China’s foreign policy in North East Asia is not shaped entirely by power/materialist Read More

China: Interpreting Bo Xilai

4 years ago ccwa 5
A lot of my attention recently has been directed at the trial of Bo Xilai in China. As anyone even cursorily following Chinese news surely noticed, the top official’s trial drummed up significant hype in the Chinese and global media. With stories of complicated love triangles and Bo’s wife’s old murder investigation, the general story Read More

India: The cost of outsourcing

4 years ago ccwa 1
Outsourcing to India was first used by European airlines, including British Airways, in the early years of the 1980’s. The city of Delhi was used as a strategic base for back office operations, and many other airlines, such as American Airlines quickly followed in their footsteps. Jack Welch—CEO and Chairman of General Electric—went to the Read More

Learning from Malaysia’s voters

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When I read the headlines about the Malaysian May 5th elections, I was disappointed. “National Front Maintains Majority in Malaysian Parliament.” The words were hardly unexpected. The 14-party coalition called Barisan Nasional has held a comfortable majority in the legislature since Malaysia’s independence—well over fifty years ago. Never have they even come close to facing Read More