Behind India’s Success in Space

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November 14, 1971 marked the successful arrival of the world’s first Mars orbiter, Mariner 9. With a price tag of $137 million, it became the first spacecraft to orbit another planet. Nearly 43 years later, India’s Mangalyaan (Mars Orbiter Mission) achieved this feat with a final cost of only $74 million. How was the Indian Read More

Dropping Tigers Like Flies

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It’s been a year since I wrote my analysis of the Bo Xilai affair that set the China-related blogosphere abuzz. The ensuing twelve months have seen the comprehensive anticorruption campaign rapidly pick up pace. Now nearing the end of its second year, Xi Jinping’s pet project has dramatically changed the face of Chinese domestic politics. Read More

South Korea and Sewol: Evaluating a Grieving Government

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2014. What started out as normal quickly spiraled into a day filled with grief and agony as South Korea experienced one of its worst maritime disasters in history. That morning, around 9:00am, news articles revealed that a ferry named Sewol, containing 476 passengers, of which 325 were high school students and their Read More

The Great War and Rising China: Balancing Power a Century Apart

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Arguably the most important – and certainly most discussed – topic in contemporary international politics is the emergence of China on the world stage. Analysts have been writing about the meteoric increase of the country’s GDP and industrial capabilities relative to the United States’ ad nauseam, and the matter has quickly become a mainstream issue. Read More

Democracy at its Biggest

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Preparations for the largest democratic vote in human history are well underway in India. With over 800 million eligible voters, and the Indian election commission predicting a voter turnout of up to 70%, the upcoming election, slated to take place from April 7th to May 12th, 2014, will be the largest free democratic election in Read More

A Local Answer to China’s Emigration Question

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Two years ago, Jiang arrived in Columbus. It was his second time in the United States and his first time traveling here alone. Many students in China find themselves unable to attend college due to the fiercely competitive admissions process and the lack of resources necessary. The unemployment rate in China has skyrocketed in recent Read More

The Spirit in My Grandma’s Garden

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What’s the population of Bangkok? “Ohh, Grandma don’t know.” I wonder where she’s looking. The diminutive Asian woman whom I call my grandmother raises one side of her mouth into her cheek, slightly lengthening and narrowing her lips. A crease appears on her naturally light brown face. The line evokes the one on a child Read More

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A word of caution

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WikiLeaks has struck yet again. A classified draft text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—a proposed free trade agreement—was published online last week. The confidential text included alarming clauses on international intellectual property rules. This newly surfaced information will add to a long list of impediments preventing the Obama administration from successfully concluding international TPP negotiations Read More

Kiribati: Sink or swim?

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You probably have not heard about Kiribati in the news lately. After all, this tiny nation of 32 atolls and a population of a little over 100,000 barely rivals Cambridge, Massachusetts in size. However, Kiribati will soon be big news – if it manages to stay afloat. Only 2 to 3 meters higher than sea Read More

Azerbaijan: Failed promises

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The prevailing mood toward Azerbaijan’s latest presidential election, once again plagued by fraud and intimidation, seems to have been not outrage but apathy. After all, the continuation of the Aliyev dynasty seemed a foregone conclusion – few are convinced that the country’s democracy is anything but a façade. Yet the Council of Europe and a Read More