Venezuelan Voices

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As university students are assaulted with tear gas and beaten up in the streets and T.V. stations play propaganda messages, the last independent news broadcasts of a withering Venezuela have become a distant memory drowned out by two differing chants: one for Maduro and the status quo, the other for a new Venezuela and the Read More

Canada and the EU: Trade deal poses questions for Canada

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Stephen Harper just finished putting the final touches on what is billed as the largest trade deal in the Canada’s history, a sweeping pact with the European Union. The agreement could take up to 18 months to finalize as all 28 member countries of the E.U. must approve it. The deal has been generally well-received Read More

Travel and Trade: Doing business in South America

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From September 7th through the 18th I had the opportunity to go on a Council of Great Lakes Governors’ Export Trade Mission to South America with representatives from Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois  to seek out potential export opportunities.  Below are a few of my observations and experiences from the trip. I landed in Colombia Read More

The U.S. and Cuba: Time for a change

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Current U.S.-Cuban relations are obsolete and essentially non-existent, and the United States is doing an extreme disservice to itself by preventing proactive dialogue and the existence of a bilateral relationship. Tough economic sanctions and travel restrictions, a crippling embargo, and isolation from any and all diplomatic exchange have allowed Cuba’s subversion to continue, despite initial Read More

Argentina: Fandom on another level

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 “You never know what worse luck your bad luck saved you from.” – Cormack McCarthy, “No Country for Old Men” When we experience misfortune, or when things just do not seem to go the way they were planned, it is easy to complain. In this day and age, sour attitudes usually greet hardships. Let’s be Read More

Canada: Justin Trudeau, marijuana, and brokerage party politics

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Political parties in Canada offer a befitting insight into the character of the Canadian political system. Canada’s political parties are unique among other parties in democratic systems in that they are significantly more decentralized and organizationally weaker. The combination of Canada’s loose system of federalism, parliamentary electoral structure, and continuous economic, social, and demographic changes Read More

Mexican oil reform: Time to pump things up

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On Monday, August 12, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto presented a reform proposal for the Mexican energy sector at Los Pinos, Mexico’s Presidential residence. This reform would revert the action taken in 1958, when “Petroleos Mexicanos”, the state-owned oil company also known as Pemex, gained exclusive control of the already expropriated oilfields. The reform would Read More

The Kirchner dynasty: polarized politics in Argentina

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Sunday, June 1 marks the tenth anniversary of Christina Fernandez de Kirchner’s late husband, Nestor Kirchner, taking office in Argentina, a decade only some consider to be prosperous. Self-proclaimed “anti-Kirchneristas” intermixed with those who idolize the Kirchner team have produced a growing polarization and heated political debate in households throughout the country. At an elaborate Read More

My time in Argentina: A tale of two identities

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“Birds of a feather flock together.” John Minsheu’s rendition of this ancient proverb from Plato describes an interaction where organisms gravitate towards each other with common purpose. Naturally, people tend to bond better with others who have similar qualities. Think of the dynamics of the high school cafeteria. On one end you have jocks hanging Read More

Harper’s government: Defined by nastiness

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Since news of the Mike Duffy Senate scandal broke nearly three weeks ago, the story has dominated national headlines. The scandal clearly does not bode well for the Harper government, but on a deeper level, it represents just one event of many that continue to define Stephen Harper’s legacy as prime minister—one of a cold, Read More