Why Your Vote for Stein Counts

Alger Mag Editor 2 months ago
  If Donald Trump wins this election, whose fault will it be? For many liberals the answer is Jill Stein, this cycle’s Green Party presidential candidate, and those who give their vote to her. Democrats spend a disproportionate amount... Read More

Columbus: The Myth and Truth Behind the Millennial City

Alger Mag Editor 2 months ago
(Franklinton, Stephen Wolfe on Flickr, no changes made) A small city clings jealously to its national accolades, and residents...


Narendra Modi: India’s Frank Underwood

ccwa 2 years ago
“One heartbeat away from Presidency and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is so over-rated,” says Frank Underwood, after being sworn in as Vice-President. Sure, he would like to think so. Hell, he proved to us... Read More

Issue 1 and the Case for Divestment

ccwa 2 years ago
The recent conversation around divestment at Ohio State has somehow equated “the Israeli occupation of Palestine” with “the nation...